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After some years working around I decided that it's time to share some experiences I've done in this period and, why not, try to reach artists that are new in the business with some advice from a conductor's point of view with humility, care, passion and dedication for the art form that opera is. On the other hand it's not going to be only a professional tool but a free conversation about different subjects and, according to my mood, I'll post in english and in italian as well. I hope you all enjoy this idea and come with me on this journey!!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

HAPPY HOLIDAYS....little letter.....

I'd like to marry the Christmas spirit and don't want to talk directly and strictly about business .

It's Christmas time and like everybody it's time to write a letter to Santa Claus...I'm looking forward for his answer ;)

Dear Santa,

I know that, in theory for the Maya calendar, the world is ending today but I still wanted to write you and ask what I'd like to find under the tree for Christmas....in case of the fatal event you can apply my wish list for the next world: I guess it would work as well ;)

It's been quite an interesting year full of emotions and realizations for me: you know that 2011/12 has been tough but I've learned a lot.

My wish list is not that long, here it is:

- Health and Happiness for everybody I know and don't know

- Strength and courage to never give up and always keep going on their path to everybody is struggling researching their way.

- Peace to people that fight insecurities and jealousy: may this Christmas bring them serenity and balance.

- Sincerity to all the people that hide themselves behind passive aggressive behaviors: may Christmas allow them to be true to themselves and other people see who they really are.

This is my list dear Santa and I hope you will be able to put the right present under the right tree, that would be a great present for me.



And to all you readers......


Happy Holidays and may 2013 be a healthy, rich and prosperous year for you and your beloved.

Ciao for now ;)

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