Why a blog

After some years working around I decided that it's time to share some experiences I've done in this period and, why not, try to reach artists that are new in the business with some advice from a conductor's point of view with humility, care, passion and dedication for the art form that opera is. On the other hand it's not going to be only a professional tool but a free conversation about different subjects and, according to my mood, I'll post in english and in italian as well. I hope you all enjoy this idea and come with me on this journey!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Journey through Rigoletto at Opera Colorado 2014

Welcome to the Ellie Caulkins Opera House...
( click on the picture to see it full size) 

.....it's time to start preparing for the last show.......


........and here we are ready to go........    

Singers are arriving.....

Rigoletto:  let me be nice before Cortigiani........siiiiii....vendetta!!!!!!

Hi Giovanna...

Duca! Duca!!!!


Hi wadrobe crew :)

Duca's photobomb while Wardrobe boss is working ;)

...I need to check on my sister Maddalena, where is she?....(Sparafucile)

Wait....I'm Borsa....Bag: checked....pot is extra ;)

 ....come on brother I'm here and don't have to sing for the first hour!!!! (Maddalena)

"Good evening I'm Greg Carpenter and welcome to final performance of Rigoletto!!!!"

Spot on!!!!

Hold on....a little touch here, a little there.......


Becoming Gilda....

The robes twin sisters ;) ( Gil&Maddy)

 Funny picture: is Steven (pianist)  trying to stub me or is the painting behind? LOL

Chorus ready to warm up

Superwomen in line to get ready.....


Stage is set to go......

Stage management in position......


.......what a wonderful run this has been......

Brava Dana Beth Miller (Maddalena)

Bravo Stefan Szkafarowsky (Monterone/Sparafucile) 

Bravo Rene' Barbera (Duca)

Brava Rachele Gilmore (Gilda)


Bravo Gordon Hawkins (Rigoletto)


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wishing you a wonderful 2014 full of health, rich in satisfactions and happiness!!!!

Here we are in 2014!!!!!

I know that I've been away for a lot of time and I don't speak about personal matters here: 2013 has been an intense year where a chapter of my life has been closed painfully, where I had to redefine the words friendship and love. On the other bright side I  have been rewarded by great experiences and wonderful people I met on the road and I want to share with whoever is interested in reading it.

I feel lucky and blessed to have my family and that I have been able to learn ( maybe in a tough way) who are my true amazing friends and I'm very grateful for them.....and you know who you are , and who you are not ;) 

I have three moments ( four if I add my family time in my hometown in Trieste!) that I want to talk about.....but I won't write much because I carry them daily putting a big smile on my face :)

1) QUITO (Ecuador): I've been invited by the general director of the Fundacion Teatro Nacional Sucre, Chia Patino, to work with the artists of the theater and Chorus for two weeks and I've been blow away by the amount of talent present there but most of all the warmth and caring hearts of the persons I met there and nowadays I have vivid memories of my time there and I really hope to be back there soon.

2) CAMPINAS (Brazil): I'll just say....Valerie, Susan&Thomas,Ted&Irena, Gail&John, Michael&Dennis, Kathryn....and if I forgot anyone, apologies ;) 

3) DETROIT: It's the most recent one. I was there to conduct La Traviata with extraordinary casts (Nicole Cabell, Leonardo Caimi, Stephen Powell, Corinne Winters, Zach Borichevsky among all) and fantastic director (Mario Corradi)  under the attentive eye of David DiChiera that IS Michigan Opera Theatre.
Well, this period summed up the the two I mentioned above, both professionally and personally. 

Whoever reads me knows that usually I like to be specific and talk about individuals, but this time in reminiscing about my Detroit period I want to talk about the Michigan Opera Theatre Orchestra, a group that had my heart after the first orchestra reading!!!! 
I might get emotional in talking about them, but only because I remember every second I spent working with MOT having good laughs and intense magical moments that came to life during the performances of La Traviata
Since the first moment I stepped into the pit I had a great feeling for this group and 20 minutes into the rehearsal I was already in love: a love that grew during the run and gave me so much as musician and as man.
I felt like I was home with them: it was like there was a "special language" we communicated with-- a telepathy--happening like we were one big soul expressing feelings through music. I felt like it was a unique,magical connection, a  mutual inspiration......

WOW....sounds like a love letter ;) well.....if they asked me to be there (forever) I'd walk on my feet there for them :)

OK OK OK.....I don't want to raise your blood sugar now and I've been happy to share, briefly, these moments  BUT in a selfish way I want to cuddle them all for me ;)

Ciao for now and I hope to be a better blogger in 2014 :)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Supporting time....last part...

January is already over and I collected these pearls of wisdom that probably you have all already seen on social networks but for me to read them all together give, maybe, even a  stronger message...

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